3 Main Programs of the SDG Academy Indonesia


This program is designed to provide access to audience who are interested and are involved with SDG area, through mobile learning applications. Materials in variety of forms are developed by the SDG Academy Indonesia and leading SDG experts from Indonesia and other countries. All materials are free and will be presented in Indonesian language.

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This program engages selected participants in blended learning online courses, which topics ranging from governance, leadership, SDG specific issue and closed by a capstone project. During 5 months program, participants will join face-to-face meetings, online workshops, and importantly a capstone project. Upon assessment and program completion, the graduate will earn the title of “SDG Certified Leader”.

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This program takes selected participants to a leading university in the Academy’s country partner to strengthen their leadership and managerial skills to solve real and current SDGs issues. This program will be followed up by online coaching and individual project.

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